25 Hairstyles for Guys With Long Hair for a Manly Look

Hairstyles for guys with long hair have many different styles and approaches, and this might confuse you. With this gallery, you will be able to find long haircuts for men that are stylish and cool. We collected 25 hairstyles for guys with long hair to give you inspiration!

Which Hairstyles for Guys with Long Hair are the Best?

This depends on many factors such as your face shape, hair type, age, and many others. To find the best haircut for you, you should know these things about yourself. Luckily for you, we’ve got haircuts for every style and type in this gallery and our website! So, don’t stop searching for the best cut for you because you’ll find it here.

Here are the 25 long haircuts for guys with long hair for a manly look!

1. Hairstyle for Guys with Long Hair

For this hairstyle, you should have wavy or curly hair type. It’s a classic long haircut for men. It looks manly, stylish, and cool! You should start your long hair journey with this haircut.

Hairstyles for Guys with Long Hair

2. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor from the Marvel Series, loves long hair and he knows how to style it! You can take inspiration from his unique style to amaze everyone around you.

Long Hairstyles Men 2020

3. with Long Beard

Do you like long beard styles too? If your answer is yes, a hairstyle like this with a long beard will make you look really handsome and masculine.

Best Hairstyles for Long Hair Mens

4. Shia Labeouf

Every day, more celebrities start to get into long hair and Shia Labeouf is one of them!

Mens Long Hair 2020

5. Classic Haircut

Here’s a classic long haircut for men. It is easy to style. So, if you don’t have too much time to spend on your hair, this hairstyle idea might save you.

Haircuts for Men with Long Hair

6. Jared Leto

Jared Leto Guys Long Haircuts

7. Stylish Look

Stylish Guys Long Haircuts

8. with Full Beard

Guys Long Haircuts with Beard

9. Man Bun

Guys Long Man Bun Haircuts

10. Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham Guys Long Haircuts

11. Christian Kane

Christian Kane Guys Long Haircuts

12. Color Idea

Guys Long Haircuts Color

13. Handsome Look

Handsome Guys Long Haircuts

14. for Blond Men

Blond Guys Long Haircuts

15. Summer Style

Guys Long Summer Haircuts

16. for Thick Hair

Guys Long Thick Haircuts

17. Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Guys Long Haircuts

18. Cool Hairstyle

Cool Guys Long Haircuts

19. Medium To Long

Guys Medium Long Haircuts

20. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Guys Long Haircuts

21. Messy Hair

Guys Long Messy Haircuts

22. Straight and Thick

Guys Long Straight Haircuts

23. Classy Look for Old Men

Classy Guys Long Haircuts

24. Shoulder Length

Guys Long Shoulder Length Haircuts

25. Very Long

Guys Very Long Haircuts

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