Oval Face Shape Male Hairstyles with 15 Cool Looks

There are times that you see a hairstyle that you like on somebody, but when you try it on yourself, it doesn’t look as good as you saw it. It’s probably because of your face shape. If you have an oval face, not every haircut will suit you but don’t worry because, in this gallery, we’ve rounded up 15 oval face shape male hairstyles for you to take inspiration!

The hairstyles for men in this gallery are trendy, stylish, and cool! We’ve gathered men hairstyles for many different styles and hair types such as thin hair, thick hair, long, short, medium, curly, straight, and many more.

So, without further ado, scroll down to see our favorite oval face shape male hairstyles with 15 cool ideas!

1. Oval Face Shape Male Hairstyle

Here’s a classic haircut for you. If you have wavy and thick hair, you should give this one a try!

Oval Face Shape Male Hairstyles

2. Straight Hair

This one is a hairstyle for men with straight and fine hair.

Haircuts for Men with Oval Face

3. Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller has an oval face like you but it doesn’t stop him from looking cool, right?

Oval Face Shape Haircuts Male

4. Cool Look

If you want to look extra cool, a hairstyle like this one will do the job for you.

Oval Face Shape Hairstyles Men

5. Easy Haircut

Don’t have too much time to spend on your hair? If so, an easy haircut like this will help you.

Oval Hairstyles Male

6. Military Style

The buzz cut, also known as the military style, is a very short length haircut for guys.

Oval Face Shape Male Military Hairstyles

7. Modern Look

George Clooney also has an oval face shape. And, he knows how to turn it into an advantage!

Oval Face Shape Male Modern Hairstyles

8. with Glasses

A sleek haircut like this and glasses will give you a smart look.

Oval Face Shape Male with Glasses Hairstyles

9. for Black Men

Here’s a fade style for men that will make your face look longer.

Oval Face Shape Black Male Hairstyles

10. Long Face

Long Oval Face Shape Male Hairstyles

11. Medium Length

Oval Face Shape Male Medium Hairstyles

12. Wavy Hair

Oval Face Shape Male Wavy Hairstyles

13. Long Hairstyle

Oval Face Shape Male Long Hairstyles

14. Formal Cut

Oval Face Shape Male Formal Hairstyles

15. Short Hair

Oval Face Shape Male Short Hairstyles

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